Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Review

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the latest in the Samsung range of phones. While its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S II, has always been a very solid phone to use, the Z Flip is a new variant of the line-up. The design is really striking and it is great to see how many new things have been added in this phone over the last year. However, there are some things which don’t really work for me. You might not agree with these but they are worth considering.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is really nice. It’s certainly different to anything else and the design isn’t like anything else in the mobile world. However, when you pick the phone up and look at it there’s no doubt that you’ll get a lot of attention from people because of this. I do find it strange though that the front is larger than the back on the phone. It just looks too much for a phone with a screen like this and does really make the phone seem bigger.

The screen is very nice and has plenty of color options. However, it’s not enough for me. There’s nothing really special about the screen and I think that the bigger screen size would have worked out better in terms of the design. The power button has also been changed, along with the volume buttons. It’s all well and good, but I don’t know if I’m used to it and I’d prefer it without the power button. The only thing I really want to say about the design is that the frame around the edges is really nice. The only way I can describe the size of the phone is that it’s big!